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    Depression Ya Okimwi Aki Ni Mbaya

    However despicable his behavior may be, I am slow to condemn a man unheard. Nobody is willing to hear what drive him to that level. I see feminists calling for “someone to help the girl…” without offering any sort of help. RIP to the lady. Very sad story.
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    Explicit Quick question

    Ujinga yenye watu kama wewe mko nayo. Dame akigawia wenye wanataka, shida yako ni nini? You did not contribute to their upbringing, you are not God, hukuwazaa...
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    Single mothers have the last laugh

    A human being - man or woman - that brings forth a child to this world should bear the responsibility of rearing the child. Do we as human beings need a court to tell us that basic, simple fact? If you do not want to have the responsibility of raising children, do not sire them.
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    Explicit Quick question

    It is a pity how much of an idiot you are; taking advantage of the anonymity provided to you by KT to download shit that should be discussed at muguka joints by degenerates, half wits and village salads. What a woman decides to do with her orifices is her business. It is a very silly thing...
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    Explicit Quick question

    A mile is so long, you couldn't see a human without binoculars or rifle sights. Chinga sana.
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    County Governors Are Useless ! Skia huyu sasa....

    Johntez Gaza Mavi ghasia umbwa takataka toa wizi wa mabavu hapa. Wapi @pamba?
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    Accident Alert: Nrb-Nkr highway

    Niaje Kavindu
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    Seriously thinking about quiting Kenya!

    I am also seriously thinking about it.
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    One man down i repeat!

    I suspected this to be the case. So kaikum neotupche? Kwisha!