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    The Auto Garage Business Guide

    Do you want to start an Auto Garage Business? Then get this 41 page detailed guide to walk you through. It contains : Introduction Starting: The Major Steps Market Overview Vehicles in Kenya Vehicle Numbers: Triggers Vehicles: No on The Roads Frequency of Service...
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    Lipa na Mpesa

    But the television station needs to make money.. It's not a public service..Or what's the alternative?
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    Bestlady Thika - Vacant Shop

    Of course I am.. Thus listing here.. Hehe is it that bad? Somehow converting.. But will review
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    The Maize Milling Business Guide

    Sure. The small and medium millers have come in strongly. Still, there are pockets of opportunities. Bigger challege is sometimes not market but milling competitively .
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    Vacant Shops Available

    Hehe no need. This is one is converting very well..
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    Lipa na Mpesa

    It works if you are sending something of value like a discount or introducing a service customers have been demanding..And then not in a spammy manner.. Not each and every day. You could lose some of the customers, but it's worth a shot. At least one shot and then make a decision whether to...
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    The Ploughing Tractor Business

    Haiya ask some of those in the business and you will surprised how far they travel kufuata kazi
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    The Ploughing Tractor Business

    It happens more often than not.
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    The Ploughing Tractor Business

    One major challenge with the tractor Business is imbalance between supply and demand... There are places with so many tractors, that ziko idle, and others where farmers wait or not sure where to get a tractor.. And then fragmentation.. Farmer wants an acre ploughed, na tractor inakataa; iko...
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    Maize market in kenya

    Where have you stored them? What's the quality and price? If the price is good and quality passable you could check with the small and medium sized millers.. You will need several of them to clear stock. If the quality and price is great try too the large millers..
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    The Maize Milling Business Guide

    Do you want to start a Maize Milling Business? Unga wa ugali? Then get this 85-page guide which contains: 1. Overview 2. The Opportunity 3. The Upcountry Choice – Case Study Disadvantages Advantages 4. Case Study - The Choice of Nairobi Disadvantages The Advantages 5. Target Market Keys to...
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    The Ploughing Tractor Business

    Do you know tractors move all the way from Nyanza to the Coast looking for ploughing opportunities? Do you know at the same time there are tractors are lying idle waiting for customers? Do you know the rate of agricultural mechanization has been rising among the small and medium farmers? Find...
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    The Motorcycle Spare Parts Retail Guide 2020

    Do you want to start a Motorcycle Spare Parts business? Then get this 47 page guide which contains: Overview The Bigger Picture Number of Motorcycles Registered Value of the Boda Boda Industry: Parts & Revenue Market Observations: Negative& Positive The Boda Boda Parts Chain The Importers...
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    CarWash Biz

    Karcher has a good reputation in the market. Their machines are used by the leading car wash businesses. They have larger machines for heavy duty commercial purposes and other smaller ones. A H7car washing machine machines goes for around Kshs. 170,000 , a H6 about Kshs. 140,000. Smaller ones...
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    The Restaurant Business Planner

    Do you plan to start a Restaurant and yet to get clarity on the following : What equipment you require? Kitchen, Preparation, Cooking, Dinner and other? In what quantities? How much will the equipment cost? What about the premises ? What are the possible renovations required? How much will...