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    Tuskys Supermarket Shuts Down Three More Branches

    The problem with milele mall is PCEA elder in enchoro munyi in decision making,surely either Carrefour or quickmart should have taken that place and save the struggling business affected by reduced footfall, between the hub Karen and that milele mall which is more strategic and with impeding...
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    A male friend in a dilemma

    Very nice advice going through the same,since he had not prepared himself to live without the wife,it will help him so much to wait and prepare himself mentally say six month and then move without the wife
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    Anybody here with experience ukambani machungwa to marikiti?
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    Coup in Mali

    But how comes france has more Gold than Mali yet it does not mine Gold What about the issue of Franc as currency in West Africa francophone countries
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    Coup in Mali

    T Amadou sanogo is still in custody and am sure he will be released soon Sources indicate of major interference from Turkey,could the Recip Tayip Endagon or which name had so much influence even in Africa?
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    Coup in Mali

    They have already arrested the chief of defence forces,speaker of national assembly and foreign minister
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    Coup in Mali

    There has been protests for a couple of months and ECOWAS has been trying to mediate.The coup may put into rest the agitation mali has experienced for some few months
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    Coup in Mali

    Finally Keita the president has been overthrown by junior military officers
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    We need a investigate journalist to unearth what normally goes on in retail sector specifically supermarkets
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    OIL CAPITULATION: SECOND THREAD (Now trading at $2.3/barrel)

    But the Brent price is still over 20 USD per barrel,it's WTI i.e western Texas intermediate which has problem and which is used in America as opposed to the rest of the world,the problem is lack of storage and future contract settlement which has to be done physically with may contract expiring...
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    SIM card messages

    Just help kuna messages from a sim nahitaji
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    SIM card messages

    Hi technologists Is it possible to recover deleted messages on a SIM card ?
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    Flying squad discovers FAKE cash inside Barclays bank safe QUEENSWAY branch

    This story does make any sense at all First,when one deposit cash in bank account,the value is posted in your account as the bank take ownership of bank notes for normally circulation Hence you can deposit in kibera and withdraw from kisumu,will you demand to be given the same bank notes in...
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    Interesting angle on KQ debacle

    Mcksey Why do people or companies hire this people with obvious outcome cost cutting by reducing employees,have they ever given any other recommendations
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    Hi guys Do we have a good place in kapsoit in terms of accommodation,Niko na mboga