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    He’s not Kikuyu. He’s a statehouse blogger. If you remember those two points, all his posts on this forum will make sense.
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    US funded BBI rubbish - illegal irregular unconstitutional rubbish

    But we are not self respecting.
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    TBT Why was Biden interviewed by Cardi B?

    Sijatusi Waluhyia. I have criticised Mukhisa. He is my candidate of choice but he is not being serious. Saa hii he should be running around campaigning during this chaos making hay while the sun shines. Hata I want to call him anipee hiyo kazi I campaign.
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    TBT Why was Biden interviewed by Cardi B?

    You already have the answer. To appeal to the lowest common denominator. This is what Mukhisa should do.
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    Uhuru has had 10 years to fix the issues. Si he would have helped the Kikuyus during that time. I see state house is worried about a split Kikuyu vote. The Kikuyus who benefited from Uhuru’s reign wil not leave his side. He should leave the rest alone. And what was he doing with Ruto all this...
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    Protesting for Palestine is not allowed in Kenya

    Ethiopian Jews. Go read about them. I agree Kenya and Kenyans should sit this one out. Not our fight.
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    Moses Kuria

    We would not believe him. I don’t know whether this is clever or stupid move.
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    Tuambiane ukweli

    This is not talked about enough but in general, African men aren’t even trying to lea I think Ndii fits this profile. In matters economics he’s very good.
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    What happened to Starehe Boys Centre, Luos?

    Hapa ni ukweli. You can’t compare GCSE schools to 844. 844 are talking about scholarships to universities compared to those whose parents paid for their entire Havard Law education.
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    Nywele ngumu becoming politicised

    As they should. They have first world problems. You have to be employed to be discriminated against at work. We haven’t unlocked that level.
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    Borrowed Trillions

    They are? Most I’ve seen are not saying that the situation will automatically be better, what they are advocating for preventing a bad situation from becoming worse which is very possible. Look at BBI. I like Ephraim. He was one of the people against tano tena in 2017.
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    Amherst College, Amherst Massachusetts MA 01002, United States - Motto: "Terras Irradient"

    No hiyo 527/= ya bloggers inafanya kazi. He is very consistent on these streets.
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    Fools!!! Watajua Hawajui

    The economy can not sustain a lavish lifestyle but taxes can always be increased. The middle class will shrink pole pole and go back to being lower class. It’s that simple. Si we’ve been borrowing loans and comparing ourselves to Japan and USA? No difference.
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    How is she ten years old?

    The maturing fast is due to diet, nutrition, health & the environment. Hizo zingine I don’t know.
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    What Happened to the Masai

    The Maasai are still great. But who are the Kavirondo? The Luhya & the Luo? The Maasai were the greatest assimilators. But the Dorobo and Samburu are not Maasai’s, they just speak a Maa language Rinderpest destroyed their cattle which was their livelihood. It’s part of the reason why they...