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    Legal advice

    Not sure if Corona affected but try Heritage club on nbi - nakuru highway, If you don't mind decency you can just drop to CBD utapata wengi tu.
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    Majaruo natesaaa

    Eissss, awa ni warusa mawe. If adults/ teachers view and allow this as usual , then record and share, then OKIMI haiwastui.
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    Wacha nijibu huyu.. We don't find their women attractive

    Very true. Though their grandparents/ parents settled there early. Not the shrubbing( sio matusi) direct from wherever.
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    Kenya betting taxes total 88%!!!

    They are just cleansing money that was/ is not theirs. If Obakos family can own shares in Odibets( for example) with whom do you think can't?
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    Brothel downtown exposes Ktalk villagers

    You are heading to the right direction. My 1st time to read your hekaya to the last fullstop with peace. Keep it up Village Sponsor.
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    Looking for an escort to keep me company

    Vuka mkono wa pili wa bahari utue mtwapa. Huko utatongozwa na varieties ya warembo, pick your best then rudi nyali ufanye upendacho.
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    Gym smell

    Keep on searching for a gym which you are comfortable with, afterwards, let the gym instructor guide you on reasonable feminine muscle mass. Meanwhile if it's about weight loss, you can request for the dietician services too.
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    Legal advice

    Enda pale naivasha diplomat house, tafuta wakili anaitwa Ogeto and Ogeto advocates & co.
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    funeral booty twerk

    Cult member
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    Visiting witch doctors kurudisha mapenzi nyumbani

    Prayers are ok, but those scary shrines no.
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    Mwanaume Kuomba Keja..

    It can end up kangogo style in your crib and your guess is as good as mine who the 1st suspect would be.
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    Visiting witch doctors kurudisha mapenzi nyumbani

    Women are the usual culprits and it all started with EVE in the garden of Eden. A woman can go to an extreme extend ( without thinking) to achieve her selfish desires. You can't find men going there.
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    The brand new Kitale - Lodwar highway. Uhuru amefanya kazi buana.

    Kitale to kapenguria( via mutua- keringet) is under construction. They have taken a pause at keringet. This was the original colonial route, hiyo ya kupitia kesogon ilikua propaganda ya the late Moi.
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    Amina mohameds hubby kaput!.

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