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    Wamama wa Kanisa

    Holier than thou fucking idiots
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    women are fickle

    I just realized im a misogynist. Bitches aint shit
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    Being Poor is Bad for You

    Someone said it's better to live like a king in hell than a slave in heaven
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    Also Nikola Tesla
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    Dunia MBAYA: Man Dies Days To Dream Job In Dubai. YOLO! Kutolewa Nyama Kwa Mdomo

    Sad! Fear ocha people. The most malicious are the ones who are holy joes. Those who start greetings with, "Bwana asifiwe."
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    18+ Weird love for a lanye

    Get out of that situation. Brace yourself for a fall. Gonoo n HIV r twins. Danger
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    What's good for the Goose ...

    If you have serious money, take ya kids to GCE or IB. 844 or sijui CBC ni upuzi mtupu!
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    Sleeping With Married Woman

    Cow juice wont give me STIs or AIDs. Better I stick to my bar soap and brass knuckles!
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    Sleeping With Married Woman

    Horrific! But stick to my bar soap or brass knuclers. Them diseases are scary. Afadhali ata ule mluhya wa Bomet aliyepatikana na ngombe!
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    Wewe Ni Mtu Wa Kuoga Na Maji Baridi Ama Moto?

    Hats Kama maji ni moto, siogi